We are a team of in-house Senior Psychotherapists, Business Psychologists, Mind Coaches, Psychometric Testers and Family Support Workers providing a service for boxers.  Boxers like all sportsmen make huge sacrifices to pursue their dreams, immersing themselves in intense training, competition and glory.

We work with you for as long as you need us either during your career or help working towards retirement and sometimes early retirement due to a severe injury where a significant adjustment is required.  Making the transition from boxing can be daunting, traumatic and distressing, feeling a huge sense of loss is not unusual as well as loss of confidence, identity and sometimes a struggle to adapt to a regular life.  If your transition from boxing is not carefully facilitated it will inevitably affect your mental health.

Our mission is to work with you through every stage of your career to ensure positive mental health and career progression by delivering our holistic service.