Bridging The Gap Between
Boxers & Their Future Progress

Welcome to Another Corner

Another Corner is a confidential cutting edge support and career development service working with boxers for as long as they need our service. We aim to ensure a smooth transition into a new career working with you to identify an occupation you feel comfortable enough to explore and work towards.

Boxing is a very brutal sport which can sometimes end in fatality or severe brain injury.  How many times have we heard of a boxer who has received life threatening injuries or has sadly had their lives taken in the ring for our entertainment, and the only option for their families is to have to set up a ‘Just Giving Account’ to pay for either their funeral expenses, money to help raise their children or to raise money to have their home adapted if the boxers bout resulted in severe head injuries.

Family Welfare Support

We have in-house Family Support managers who will be assigned to work with families to ensure they receive appropriate benefits, have their home adapted and to apply for grants to help with their welfare, this service is desperately needed especially for families where the boxer was the main financial provider in the home.

Business Setup Support

Some boxers, when they retire open a gym or a business which sadly often fails, Another Corner will help to plan and market your business or charity helping to fundraise and to ensure it will be a success.  We will also explore other job or career opportunities by administering Psychometric tests to help identify your strengths and weaknesses to identify the types of roles that might suit you. We also offer Mind and Career coaching if needed to help you transition from boxing into your chosen career path. Please take a look at all the other services we deliver.